Vera-Marie enrolled at the Technikon Pretoria for the National Diploma:  Performing Arts:  Opera. In 1998 she was invited by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to sing the role of Cherubinio in Le Nozze di Figaro at their Summer Workshop. A year later she was chosen to sing in Mimi Coertse’s Debut with Mimi and became a member of The Black Tie Ensemble  where she has travelled to numerous parts of the country and world. During her studies she was awarded the Pretorium Trust and SAMRO Bursary, the Morrison Trophy and bursary as well as the prestigious Chancellor’s Medal. Moniqe se grootste passie in die lewe is om te sing. Sy doen reeds verskeie vertonings reg oor Suid-Afrika en is haar grootste droom om een van ons land se grootste sterre te word. Moniqe Foxx debut album "Ek Kan" is nou vrygestel met haar eerste snit "Ek kan" op verskillende radio stasie al gespeel. Jennifer Zamudio is undoubtedly one of Afrikaans music's finest and she remains well respected throughout the diverse South African market. For the last ten years she has entertained the country with her passionate alto voice and songs that speak of true love, friendships and generally just having a good time. She is mostly known for her albums Hart se Loper, Hoor Hoor and Hier's my Hart. But performing her memorable pop songs is not her only strong point - she is also a songwriter, compére and TV presenter!